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2015 LSI welcome work exp...
23 Jul

LSI welcome work experience students

Over the last two weeks, the Practice has been delighted to host students on their work experience from various schools around the region.

The students were given a brief to design a 4 bed sustainable contemporary home on the Norfolk Broads over the course of the week, producing concept sketches, plans, elevations, sections and a Lego model of their building before presenting back to their mentors and fellow students at the end of the week.

Nathan, who worked in the middle floor studio, said “I worked on the flow between the office and living areas to provide one unified space without compromising the function of each room. The idea of the form came from a precedent I found. The building blended with the surroundings whilst being elegant and modern.”


Callum, who worked in the top floor studio, said of his project “I really like buildings that are modern but contain traditional stonework. For example, with a precedent I found, two main bodies of stone are split by plane of glass. I really wanted to use this idea in my design. My design plays with one’s perception of space. By making my entrance hall very small, when someone passes through and into the double height living space behind they experience the wow factor.”

Callum Drawing 04

Mason, who was working in the ground floor studio, said “My precedents worked with the surrounding nature, incorporating both the interior and exterior into the wider context, in this case a forest and the broads. The form of my building reflects my philosophy: optimising the broads and its assets. It is outward looking and its curved front facade reflect that of a boat’s sail.”


In week two, we were joined by Bryn and Isabel from Framingham Earl School.

Isabel said of her project “I have used wooden cladding with gaps on the bedroom exterior walls. As the rooms face west, at sunset, long dramatic shadows are cast into the room. I want to use a green wall as it will lower the carbon footprint of the house and it will help the house blend in to forest surrounding the garden.” whilst Bryn said of his “the slide is a key aspect to my house as the parents have young children, this means that the children can enjoy their house as well as the adults. But we need to think carefully about the materials used as many materials are unsuitable.”LSI_WorkExperience_04

Associate Matt Clarke, who set the brief for the week, said “We were incredibly impressed by the quality of the work. It is really encouraging to see that there are some extremely talented young designers out there setting out on their journey to become an Architect. The brief we set them gave the students a broad range from which to work and it has been great to see the contrast between the approaches that each of them took. We hope that all of the students have enjoyed their time with us and feel they have had the opportunity to try new things and gain new skills, as well as help them to think about their plans for the future.”

2015 LSI welcome work exp...