Reminiscent of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion, LSI’s design for the full refit of the two-storey Penthouse 4 at 50 Bolsover Street in Fiztrovia, seeks to harness the elegance of the existing apartment and add a carefully curated palette of natural materials.

Utilising the stunning terrace and its connection to the outdoors, along with the retained natural stone of the bathroom, LSI proposed a subtle juxtaposition to the city outside – a sleek, natural interior of the highest quality.

Changes to the existing layout, such as the provision of a sculpted void above the stair light well, offer large improvements to the quality of space. The removal of an existing dressing room wall within the master suite, and upgraded fitted storage, provides a larger bedroom and refocuses views over the city.

Fitzrovia Apartments Penthouse Bedroom
Fitzrovia Apartments Penthouse Bedroom

The use of timber brings a richness and warmth to the space, complimenting the abundance of natural light in the penthouse, with the introduction of a statement colour to give a uniqueness. Black metal finishes punctuate the timber and colour, and tie in the existing curtain glazing finish.

The repetition of these elements throughout the penthouse connects the spaces, establishing a flow between rooms. The roof terrace incorporates high volumes of planting provided in large planters around the perimeter of the terrace, to maximise the provision of ‘green space’.