LSI Architects was recently approached by Infection prevention and control specialist GAMA Healthcare to design a state of the art training facility that would simulate a live Hospital environment.

The facility enables them to offer “bespoke” training for NHS nurses and other health professionals working in infection prevention and control.

GAMA Healthcare has already trained over 32,000 NHS healthcare professionals free of charge since 2016 and hopes to reach a further 10,000 NHS staff with their new facilities.

The simulation suite consists of a ward environment encompassing a two-bed ward, an isolation suite (with en suite) and a utility area, where bedside equipment, such as IV stands and commodes, are cleaned. There is also a seminar area where presentations can be hosted (virtual webinars or face-to-face education).

With GAMA Healthcare also having recently expanded into hospital hygiene offering, the training facility provides the perfect environment to host demonstrations and allow NHS staff the chance to assemble or program the technologies, troubleshooting any concerns or queries on-site with the trainers.

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