The design provides clear patient pathways and addresses single sex accommodation issues. Circulation and waiting areas take advantage of views of the Houses of Parliament. The unit was required to meet the growing demand of patients needing a variety of procedures to examine and treat the digestive tract.

The unit is designed to enhance the patient experience and workflow for the unit. Upon arrival the patient is met by a calming green wall which assists orientation. The plan is arranged with orbital circulation around a glazed perimeter, further assisting way-finding by views from the windows as users circulate around the building.

The clinical spaces form the heart of the unit. The interior design improves wellbeing and helps to relieve stress associated with the nature of the procedures, with an abstract motif inspired by Pugin’s design for wallpaper at the House of Parliament, emphasising the visual link between the buildings across the River Thames.

Privacy and dignity is paramount with provision of single sex sub-wait areas and toilet facilities. Perimeter and sub-wait screen glazing is installed with the opaque motif to prevent external views and ensure privacy. A comfortable lounge creates a relaxed environment whilst awaiting discharge.

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