LSI Architects signs up to Architects Declare Campaign


LSI Architects have joined the Architects Declare movement, a campaign led by the UK’s leading Architectural Practices to take action on the twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss, the most serious issue of our time.

Director Peter Courtney comments that:

“We wholeheartedly agree that there is no alternative but for Practices to follow the commitments that Architects Declare have laid out.

We acknowledge the crucial role that architects play in reducing the energy consumption of our built environment, and consequently sustainability is embedded in our core values. We believe that as a practice we are already well on the way to following these commitments, through our Sustainable Design Guide and use of environmental modelling software, whenever the opportunity allows.

Our approach to sustainable design begins at first principles, as we believe this is the most effective way of engaging clients and project sponsors in the importance of a considered approach. In a project with fixed financial resource the design team must initially look to cost neutral design moves to help achieve sustainability goals as these can be more easily agreed upon with the client. In our experience securing these essential elements allows the project to be driven forward with sustainability at the heart of its concept.

We are aware however that there is more work for us to do as a profession to continue to raise awareness of the issues and of the significant benefits that a sustainable approach to projects can deliver for clients. As co-curators of our future, we need to embrace a change of perception within the industry. LSI Architects confirms that we are ready to support this challenge.”

Follow the link to view the Architects Declare page: