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Over a period of 20 years, LSI Architects has had the privilege of working with a variety of organisations embracing a range of both commercial and non-commercial objectives, which have found expression in the development of a visitor or community centre.

in our clients’ words

“We are confident that our nursery, cafe, soft play and staff offices will bring an abundance of hope and a sense of community to the area – a vision shared by all staff and supporters of YMCA Norfolk.

It has been great to work with LSI Architects who have done a fantastic job in converting the old British Legion building into a space that will serve the community of Norwich for many more decades to come.”

Tim Sweeting, Former CEO of YMCA Norfolk

our expertise

Although most of the projects in our portfolio are relatively small in scale, this belies the impact they can and do have in the lives of those who visit, and those who benefit from their existence.

We can evidence our experience of helping clients to develop proposals in order to unlock funding – for example in the preparation of a feasibility study or planning application in order to be able to access streams of funding such as the Big Lottery Fund and Heritage Lottery Fund.

The LSI Architects team have supported numerous clients in creating buildings that have enhanced an organisations ability to provide vital community services, or to open the eyes of the public, and of new generations, to important environmental, heritage, philanthropic and educational objectives.


probono projects

A good deal of our work in this sector has been undertaken, at least in part, on a pro bono basis with 5% of all of our business time dedicated to probono community projects. Where appropriate, and through engagement with ProHelp, we are always open to undertaking work on a pro bono basis to support community schemes at an early stage.

We have actively used much of our probono projects as a training tool to give less experienced staff the opportunity to develop their skills on live projects.

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