LSI Architects experience covers the full spectrum of the residential sector, from single or double storey infill or refurbishment projects to multi-unit, and multi-phase, new build developer led residential projects from tender stages through to delivery and completion.


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Our team regularly undertakes comprehensive site analysis and reviews relevant Planning Policy to establish an appropriate mix and density. We design homes that are sufficiently flexible to meet a diverse range of individual requirements, and that are adaptable to people’s long term needs.

In line with the established constraints and opportunities, we explore initial options for how a proposed accommodation could be arranged on the site, develop conceptual massing models and test key views to understand and appraise the opportunities for development of the site. We ensure that any development is appropriate, enhances the existing built environment and provides a sense of place for the residents.

our expertise

At its heart, housing is about people and we will consider how their needs translate into homes and street. We are vastly experienced at working with our client to understand their aims and values and engage with stakeholders to understand the purpose of a project.

We have helped many of our clients navigate the challenges around viability, permitted development and obtaining planning approval.

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