For us, architecture is all about people

Get to know them and what’s important to them, connect with them and collaborate, deal with them respectfully and with integrity. That’s what it takes to create sustainable, innovative, valuable and positive architecture. Architecture that improves lives, builds communities and enhances society

– or as we put it Life Touching Design.

clarity of process

Design quality is always centred around our client’s needs and aspirations for a project and so we believe that design excellence invariably stems from maintaining good communications with our clients.

We follow a structured design development process to ensure that our service achieves all of our clients expectations around quality, cost and timescales.

Our team members are highly skilled and knowledgeable and offer the highest standards of competence in technical detailing and co-ordination, including compliance with regulatory standards and best practice. Our design development process is supported by design and technical reviews at key project stages undertaken by the most experienced members of our technical team.

what our clients say

Our clients tell us that they value our professional, collaborative, friendly and creative approach to projects and that our team is great to work with. Our people are happy, highly trained and motivated to deliver the quality design and committed service that we believe our clients should expect. The fact that the majority of our turnover comes from repeat business is a testament to the quality of our service.