Planning approval for Croydon infill housing scheme

Our proposals to remove an existing group of derelict garages and replace them with a series of garden mews houses while simultaneously extending a mansion block at 196 Sydenham Road, South London have achieved full planning permission.

The scheme for independent family-run developers Prime Homes, delivers a total of twelve homes on the site – four new build mews houses and refurbishment & roof extension of existing buildings, increasing their total from seven to eight.

Visualisation of LSI Architects Proposals for new housing at Sydenham Road Site in Croydon

Dean Gibson, North Area Planning Team, Development & Environment Department at Croydon Council:

“LSI Architects scheme at 196 Sydenham Road was highly regarded by Croydon’s Planning Team and the Chair of the Planning Committee. In particular, the new mews houses in the rear of the site epitomises our ambition to optimise the potential of existing residential land through original, innovative and high quality sustainable design. LSI are commended for developing a scheme that promotes such positive living spaces.” 

In line with Croydon guidance for densification and intensification of ‘backlands’ sites, the scheme provides a tailored response to address specific site and community requirements.

The scheme retains the existing mansion building and provides a bespoke new development at the rear of the site. The accommodation will be submerged to ‘covertly’ increase the residential units without impacting the neighbours’ outlook and light.

Living spaces for each house centre are arranged around a large central lightwell so all rooms benefit from natural light and a view of the sky with minimised overlooking. Sedum roofs to the mews houses will improve the outlook from the mansion building and neighbouring buildings and will add much needed greenery and colour to the site.


Architectural Model of LSI Architects Proposals for new housing at Sydenham Road Site in Croydon

Sydenham Road Model



Lightwell Section

Peter Courtney, Director at LSI Architects:

“A collaborative attitude to planning engagement on the Sydenham Road scheme has resulted in a sensitive, well-rounded design solution to enhance the community of which it will become part of.”