LSI Architects joins Building Equality

We are very pleased to announce that LSI Architects has become a member organisation of Building Equality, an alliance of 60+ construction consultants, engineers, developers, contractors, and institutions who are passionate about driving LGBTQ+ inclusion in the construction, engineering and built environment industry.

We very much look forward to working with the other Building Equality members to contribute towards a vision of a construction industry that is wholly welcoming, inclusive and supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender + other related communities. Working in an open, collaborative environment is of paramount importance, and we recognise that equality of opportunity and valuing diversity are critical to promoting the collaboration that our industry needs, particularly in facing some of the significant challenges that our industry is facing – like the climate crisis. It’s our objective as a practice to develop a happy, healthy, highly skilled and highly motivated team of people and to do that we must value people as individuals and create a workplace where everyone feels safe and able to be who they are.