Throughout the summer months, The Sole Bay Health Centre progressively opened its doors to patients, holidaymakers and the local public, with all of the GP and community clinics in place by September 2014. Dental and Pharmacy services will also arrive there shortly.

The setting for the Health Centre is in the heart of the village of Reydon, starting from a relatively low level of housing density, the village population is growing and also has a high representation of older people. The external design of the building offers both a civic presence and a human scale proportionate to a residential setting and a welcoming health care environment. The building materials used, the use of natural light, and building mass obey this theme throughout.

The centre creates a new, modern focus for GP services, clinics, pharmacy and dental activity for Reydon, Southwold and surrounding areas. The nearest District General Hospital is several miles away, capacity has been provided for hospital outpatient care, with scope for further expansion.