The new Minsmere Ward is an exemplar in ‘dementia friendly design’. The refurbished ward will provide intense rehabilitation and reablement so that patients can return to an independent life as quickly as possible.  Through the application of key dementia friendly design principles we achieved a welcoming, logical and comforting environment that ensures patients are aware they are in a hospital and minimises the negative impact an acute hospital visit can have on people with dementia.

A circular corridor route and additional corridor seating encourages walking and movement, with great care taken to ensure that each corner was designed to be unique. By offering markers to avoid patients getting lost, creating familiar spaces and reducing the institutional feel a hospital can have through the sympathetic choice of finishes, the project provides an uplifting and safe environment for patients with dementia.  A safe and secure ‘Dementia Garden’ allows patients to have contact with nature, which is proven to have a healing effect.