A new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn has seen the unit have its roof strengthened, as well as improved fire safety and a new ventilation system.

Neonatal intensive care units specialize in the care of babies born early, of a low weight or with a medical condition which requires them to be treated away from the mother’s bedside.

Ultimately, the unit has been designed to be a more pleasant environment to be in, particularly for those parents who are in the department for extended periods of time and for staff who are working within the unit too. For this, careful consideration of finishes, materials and colour pallet has taken place, whilst also looking for any opportunity to introduce natural light.

The curved staff reception desk has been positioned at the centre of the unit, with the provision of glazed screens into each of the cot rooms, to improve passive supervision and the ability of the staff to interact with and oversee the unit from a central base.

The NICU also has a new family room, kitchen facilities and two overnight rooms, available for new parents to use whilst their baby is receiving the high-quality care delivered by the hospital.