TRACKS Autism Centre Opens

David Andrews and Kirstin Aitken attended the official opening of the newly refurbished facility for TRACKS autism centre, a Stevenage based early years centre for children with autism and related conditions.

LSI have been working with TRACKS autism since 2011 when TRACKS identified that their current accommodation was not fit for purpose and began exploring options for alternative accommodation.  Their new facility is a former industrial unit, which has been refurbished to provide specialist activity spaces, outdoor play spaces and specialist sanitary facilities, as well as provision for office and parents.    This project has been achieved on an extremely tight budget and all parties have worked very hard to provide the best possible value for money.


Michael Shaw, Executive Trustee at TRACKS said “LSI has been an incredible team providing the best advice and support that any company could give as well as providing some additional pro bono contributions that have enabled us to achieve all that we have on time and within budget.

We now have a modern, dry and efficient building with a superb external play area and on-site parking. To say that we are all excited is an understatement.  Support and access to early intervention and specialist learning for children with an autistic spectrum disorder is in short supply so the support LSI have given is not only helping the children at TRACKS but raising awareness of the need in Hertfordshire and beyond.”

Sara Campbell, Centre Co-ordinator said “The new surroundings of Tracks House have proved to be welcoming and calm for all; everything has slotted into place wonderfully. Children are focusing on tasks, moving well between activities and loving the wonderful garden whilst staff now have dedicated spaces to work on children’s paperwork, to train and even to have 5 minutes’ break.

The additional rooms means that small group activities can be easily split into ability groups, Kaspar has his own ICT room and is available on demand and having an office means that the children can be the centre of attention when they arrive in their own dedicated lobby and the parents room is already proving a popular place to relax and chat.

In short, the new building is an absolute triumph.”