The LSI Architects Drawing Award

LSI sponsor the inaugural award for drawing at the NUA Architecture end of year show.

This June saw the first cohort of students receive their degrees from the Norwich University Arts BA in Architecture course and LSI Architects were asked to sponsor the inaugural award for drawing at the end of year Awards show.

Partner Rupert Kitchen attended the end of year show and presented the award to Arpan Sunuwar, and his Heston Blumenthal inspired Restaurant Laboratory project;


“As I looked around the fantastic display it was quite clear that any one of this year’s students could qualify for the LSI Architects Drawing Award. And that was not to de-value the award, but rather to reinforce the success that has been fostered by the staff and pioneering students at NUA. The vibrancy and ambition of the course was evident from the work on display and bodes well for the future, not just for this course and the students progressing through now, but for this year’s graduates who have achieved the first milestone in their Architectural Education.

In terms of architectural drawings, there are many ways to describe a building, a collection of spaces and it is the plan view that describes the ‘programme’ of a building – the way that one space leads to another and how these spaces are organised. But it is the Section – a vertical slice through a building – that describes the ‘emotion’ of a building. . .that best describes the experience of moving from one space through to another.

All drawings of architecture are fiction. While the idea remains a drawing it is just that, an idea, and a successful drawing is one that best describes the idea, and the work of one student in particular stood out. From the immediacy of hurriedly drawn concept sketches, working through to more technical measured drawings and culminating in some very understated computer visualisations, this student successfully conveyed the experience of their proposals. . . presenting a believable fiction. What I found emerging from the work on display was evidence of a designer who is learning to deal with the abstract qualities of programme, form, space and light and has a natural ability to illustrate these in a compelling way and in a variety of media, and that’s why the recipient of the LSI Architects Drawing Award is Arpan Sunuwar.”