The 25% plot cover, and the landscaping and rainwater collection strategy have helped to increase the site’s biodiversity. Orientation for southerly views also helps to enhance the scheme’s intrinsic passive performance.

BBP represents one of several LSI masterplan studies which have become ‘live’, subsequently reaching the point of being virtually developed out.

Vehicle access and servicing arranged to the rear of buildings, enabled ‘frontages’ with landscaped setting for recreation and pedestrian movement. KBC came under pressure to raise sustainability higher on the agenda, facilitating LSI’s debate with the developer about the viability of measures within the leasehold market.


NAA Craftsmanship Awards:
• Amenity Building, 2006
• Lakeside 300, 2007

Broadland Design Awards:
• Commendation in the commercial category for Bankside 300, 2009
• Commendation in the public category for Bankside 300, 2009