The Growth Policy for Norwich, and an associated requirement for new highways provided our client with the motive to seek consent for an urban extension.The approach aims to create a sense of place, and to provide the lifestyle opportunities not so easily available in the city centre. Our strategy provides a layout with a range of dwelling types to a range of densities, averaging 35 dw/ha, which increase in certain areas, in the form of terraces and flats, so as to provide focal points both at the periphery and in the centre of the scheme close to the community facilities. This is demonstrated by the way the new development logically infills northwards up to a tree belt, which becomes the new urban edge.

The tree belt and the land to the North then form a strategic landscape buffer, which can be put into community ownership with improved public access and biodiversity and become an enhanced ecological habitat and wildlife corridor. A new rail halt is also proposed on an existing passenger line- together with improved bus services – will provide occupants with an alternative to the car for accessing the city.