LSI Architects Hadleigh Park Olympic Mountain Bike Project Visualisation

The Hadleigh Park Olympic Mountain Bike Legacy Project in Essex provides new sport and recreational facilities and enhanced green infrastructure for local communities and visitors.

The new facilities are located in southern Essex to the west of Southend-on-Sea, Hadleigh Farm and set within downland on the edge of the Thames Estuary. The entire site is located within the Green Belt, and offers dramatic views south across the wider estuary.

A new visitor centre ‘hub’ based on the redevelopment of the former Sayers Farm buildings provides a primary gateway to the network of recreational trails. The Hub also offers community facilities and business opportunities, including the provision of replacement business units.

In addition to new and improved recreational trails and visitor facilities improvements, a range of environmental enhancements have also been planned and delivered as part of the wider Project.

Sport England “is proud to have invested in such a dynamic proposal to build on the Olympic legacy locally in Essex, and develop a healthier community, and the next generation of active mountain biking enthusiasts.” Charles Johnstone Property Director, Sport England