Interiors at Kensington Cancer Centre at BMI Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor

The design pays equal attention to patient and staff accommodation, providing high quality treatment spaces as well as comfortable working environment for clinical staff. The bright and welcoming dedicated reception and waiting area is well liked by patients.

Individual Treatment Pod’s are equipped with a dedicated Air Conditioning Unit, TV, feature wall mounted medical services panel, as well as full height glazed screen with integral blinds for controlling privacy and an external window providing natural daylight and views out. The layout of the pods follow organically shaped walls, positioned to screen treatment chairs from views-in from the circulation space. A beverage and snack counter with large-scale wall graphics adds interest and makes the space feel less clinical.

The project also included the development of a typical schedule of accommodation and patient flows for different patient pathways within the unit.

The revamped unit for people receiving chemotherapy palliative care and personal support for a range of cancers – breast, cervical, kidney, oesophageal, ovarian, prostate, skin, testicular and womb. It delivers more than 3,200 treatments each year.