Architectural model: Nature Reserve Complex

A closer look at an architectural model we recently produced for a competition to design a new visitor gateway and accessible and inspiring education centre at a Broadland nature reserve complex.

The design reflected elements of the Broadland landscape, the sense of space and openness, the colours of the landscape and the connection with water. The building was to feel both organic and natural but modern and ‘of our time’.

The design endeavours to create an image of ‘quiet inspiration’, a building that is both a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to be in.

“This model took me a couple of days to produce. The model has been built as a base and comes supplied with a ‘kit of parts’ that could be built up to tell the story of the scheme as a gateway to the Broadland marshes.

The blocks are made of cherry timber, which was chosen because the grain of timber represents the potential use of a round earth structure. The model shows the beacon which was made out of acrylic and sprayed gold.” James Parkinson