UEA required new accommodation to support the growth in student numbers at the university, maintaining its identity as a campus university and its place in the world’s top 1% of Universities.  As well as providing new residential capacity the building also accommodates accessible bedroom and kitchen-diner facilities for students, studio flats for senior residents and a flexible social space.

Situated adjacent to the recent residence buildings, Crome Court creates a focal point at the end of the campus. The building varies between 5 and 7 storeys in height, and is laid out in a U-shaped configuration which opens towards the south. The orientation of the building makes best use of the limited space available.

The £10.1million project was the first on the UEA’s estate to implement BIM Level 2 with a specific focus on delivering a complete 6D Asset Information Model (AIM) and comprehensive COBie Data Drop 4 for use by the estates management team.

The building is highly efficient, and calculated at a ‘grossed up’ room cost of £25k per room providing exceptional value. The UEA has also had the building valued at £17.5m and so the project is a very sound investment.

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