Fair Havens Hospice

A 16 bed new Hospice building for Fair Havens Hospice in Southend, Essex. Fair Havens Hospice provides specialist care for adults, from the age of 19, with life-limiting illnesses such as cancer, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinsons, cardiac disease, Muscular Dystrophy and neurological conditions.

The new Fair Havens Hospice is LSI Architects’ third completed Hospice building project.

The building includes the whole range of services in a modern environment for In-Patient care, Day Care, Community care, Bereavement and Supportive care as well as ensuring the administrative functions are able to support the Charity’s work over the foreseeable future. The Hospice alsos include associated offices to accommodate the Head Office and administrative functions.

The new Hospice building is environmentally friendly, with sustainable materials used in its construction wherever possible. It has been designed to be a non clinical, welcoming place, encouraging normality and social interaction as much as possible and which takes into consideration the needs of people with disabilities.

The desire is that the ambience created will be one of a relaxing and healing environment with innovative and artistic interpretation of light and colour throughout, with good external landscaping in keeping with the ethos of supportive care and the immediate locality.


Client Testimonial

From the very first time we met Louise, she was able to present us with ideas based on an excellent understanding of what Hospices need and of the care that a Hospice provides.

Steve Smith CEO, Havens Hospices

LSI's knowledge of how the building could be designed to provide spaces that work with our teams, to enable them to give their patients the care that they need was invaluable.

Steve Smith CEO, Havens Hospices

It was important to our team that the building did not feel like a hospital but felt homely, while still delivering all the functionality that they needed to provide care to our patients and the LSI Architects team have definitely delivered on this.

Steve Smith CEO, Havens Hospices

What is so amazing here is the rooms, we have large hoists and patients can now go have a shower if they wish. That wasn’t always as easy in the last hospice. We can also take them outside as the rooms have access to the grounds, even when they are bedbound.

Sue Worley Senior Nursing Assistant

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